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zero bombing faggots

2011-04-12 08:53:54 by Murda-MoBB

gotta love the little bitches that like to zero bomb..... but kharma will get your asses in the end for being douches!


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2011-04-12 09:28:16

Just a heads up. Posts like these turns those zero bombers into permanently attached pains in your ass. Just saying.

(Updated ) Murda-MoBB responds:

I love haters! they dont bother me! Just lets me know i have something they dont........ which is Haters. these people are just mad cause they dont have anyone hatin them!

thanks for the input bro!


2011-04-12 11:15:43


I constantly see these types of posts from users like you.

I want to add to the comment of the user above me and take a minute to impart some wisdom to you. Even though it is useless and futile to do so.

For starters I'd like to assure you that I did not listen to your submissions. I mean I heard them as I clicked and voted zero but from the little I heard I wasn't impressed but that doesn't mean they suck.


My point is that no one is specifically hammering your stupid shit with zeros. Someone just happened to hear it and did not like it, so that person voted zero. Which when occurs to a user like you with such few "listens" GREATLY effects the score. For example:

Military Minded-Final cut
2.01 / 5.00 (- 0.65) 38 listens

When it's Ova/ Murda MoBB
1.96 / 5.00 (- 0.48) 44 listens

In that instance my zero vote decimated your scores. Do you see where I am coming from?

In my opinion, my advice to you is to delete this crying ass newpost and quit butt hurting on the internet. Haters will always hate but in your particular case "haters" aren't your problem. Just a couple of people on the internet that happened to listen to your submissions and because it wasn't to their liking, they voted zero.

Instead of crying like this. Just do your thing and hone your craft. All while not caring what people think of it.


Murda-MoBB responds:

Not butt hurt dumbass. all youre doing is making yourself look like an ass!
saying you bombed it before you listened to it just shows youre a douche and, you proved my point for me.

an idea, for your future reference; Dont try an prove a point by Proving someone elses. it makes no sense, and shows how childish you are.

I love haters! lets me know that i am better than they are. and they are mad because they have no talent. haters make the music industry thrive.

like if 50 cent starts rappin shit on a nobody, everyone is gonna buy that nobodies album to see why 50 is talkin shit on him. zero bombers just make the track more appealing. everyone is gonna see why the track is low, listen to it, then realize it's hott and all those people were just douches raising their score. Ive been on newgrounds for a long time on my main, so buddy. I KNOW HOW THIS SHIT WORKS!
I dont think you do!


2011-04-13 13:37:13

Wow bro...


Way to keep crying instead of realizing how gay it is to complain like a woman about your scores dropping on the internet and then blaming the "HATERS".

What I told you was real and unbiased. Gospel preached, if you will.

It doesn't matter how much you squawk and squirm, using the argument of specific and purpose oriented users conscientiously voting zero on your weak shit every chance they get (aka "zero bombing haters") is transparent. Lucky for you nobody knows who you are, cause this kind of weak bitchassedness would be extremely embarrassing for you if the opposite were true.

Quit acting like a bitch while you have a chance to save face.

Just. Stop. Crying.

It's that easy.

Stop crying for two seconds and then smelt all that bitchness and weakness into a tightly formed, enriched amalgam of gay. Then take that clump of concentrated fail and use it as a whet stone. You should then take that custom made whet stone of coagulated fuckery and vigorously grind it across the leading edge of your craft. Hone it to something great. Maybe then your shit will be sharp and awesome and these types of situations would hardly ever occur.

At that time, laughing at "haters" would actually be accurate and not at all fake, gay or transparent.

-Brap, stick 'em. HAHAHA Stick 'em. Peace out.

Murda-MoBB responds:

Speaking of Bitch.... Look at yourself! You want to whine an cry to try an justify your point. it's not working idiot!

youre just mad cause someone called your faggot ass out, and now you are the one who is all butt hurt, trying to make yourself out to be the good guy.

ill just referr to your last post for a second...."For starters I'd like to assure you that I did not listen to your submissions. I mean I heard them as I clicked and voted zero"

as you can see, what you had said clearly shows that 1. your are digging yourself in a hole you cant argue your way out of. 2. you are as ignorant as your name implies. and 3. your are a complete fucktard!

its funny that you want to be a tough guy over the internet! cause i bet in real life youre just a weak-ass nerd, like the ones i beat on in high school....

so just log back in to World of Warcraft use your level 80 whatever, so you can pretend to be a badass in a make-belive world! just remember, talking shit on the internet doesnt transfer over when you log out. youll be the same old faggot wishing he had a life!

Enjoy the scenery!


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